Thursday, January 22, 2009

You dodged a bullet!

Despite my threat in an earlier post to start writing about music, I've decided not to alienate the doubtless tens of thousands of readers I've accumulated in my six days of blogging by writing music posts which will tend towards the obscure. So I'll do that in a separate blog and save this one for more relevant and sexier posts like:
Did you ever have a recipe that called for using leftover Thanksgiving turkey? And by the time you remembered to take the recipe when you went grocery shopping a couple-three months had gone by? And the turkey had freezer frost? And you defrosted it and went ahead with the recipe which was kinda a casserole? And when it was done you scooped out a portion and there's frickin' water in the bottom from the frosty turkey?
You never did? Hmmm... me either.

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