Sunday, January 25, 2009

An anomaly

My wife bought a new SUV a couple weeks before Xmas. They didn't offer much for trade-in on her old Explorer so we kept it and I put it up for sale on Craigslist. First guy who called had cash but was a couple hundred bucks short of what I'd figured was the low price. He said he was a painter and offered to do painting for us to help pay.
We had a kitchen where we'd stripped most of the wallpaper but there were stubborn parts and we'd basically thrown up our hands and hadn't touched it for... well, time enough for a woman to conceive and have a baby, let's say (not to pin it down too fine). I sold the guy the Explorer, got the cash, and figured that was all I'd ever get. No carrot on a stick to induce him to come paint, he had the vehicle and the pink slip. But the $$$ were twice what the dealer offered for trade-in so screw it.
Today he showed up and painted our kitchen in lovely green and it looks @ a zillion times better. More naive people would have their faith in human nature restored.
I bet he comes back tonight to rob and kill us. Where's that handgun? ;)

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