Sunday, February 15, 2009

Reservations about reservations.

I'm beginning to wonder why I bother. A couple of weeks ago we were going into town on a Saturday for dinner and then to catch some music. To avoid a long wait I called the restaurant and made reservations; we had a limited amount of time for dinner to make the show. We ended up getting slightly delayed so we called and said that we had a 6:30 reservation and would be a few minutes late. They told us not to worry, there was a wait anyway. Hmmm. We showed up and got handed a pager like the other shlubs who were wandering up, who were being told 45 minutes to get a table. I stewed for a while, then one of the waitstaff came up to ask if'd we'd like drinks brought to us. I unloaded on him about what was the point of taking reservations if no table is held... etc. For once it worked and that pager was vibrating like a sex toy with new Duracells within a couple of minutes.

So last night, another Saturday and Valentine's Day to boot... we're just going to the restaurant in our small town, but it's kind of popular in the area so I had reservations, even let them pick a time when it might be a bit less busy. We got there and the owner tries to seat us at a table where another couple is sitting. Ye gods. What a romantic evening that would have been. He actually convinced a couple of people to do so but we held out and got a crappy little table of our own eventually, hurray. Remind me to stay home next Saturday night.

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